As a Participant

We will launch studies in Fall of 2022. Keep an eye out here for ways to get involved. We are located in the Princeton Psychology Department in Peretsman Scully Hall. Get directions to the department.

As a Researcher

Graduate students. The lab will not be interviewing for a new graduate student this cycle (i.e., Fall 2022 submissions). Princeton has a very collaborative culture, so if there is another faculty member who provides a strong fit for your interests, your are welcome to apply to that advisor's lab and list Prof. Nook as a potential secondary advisor. Note, however, that the primary advisor would provide the core of your research experience and academic training and should thus be strongly aligned with your interests. 

Undergraduate research assistants are welcome to inquire. If you are an undergraduate student interested in helping with our research, please email Erik Nook ([email protected]) in Fall 2022 to inquire about potential research assistant opportunities.

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Get in contact by emailing us at ([email protected]) or calling at (609) 258-5064.